If your dream is to go to college, we will find the way...

For the Parents

Moving day at the dormBeginning the process of sending your child away to college can be daunting, thrilling and a little sad.

The simple fact that they will leave home is enough cause for despair. Add to that the overwhelming tasks of choosing the right schools, taking SATs and ACTs, maneuvering through the application process, writing essays, figuring out how to pay for it all, worrying about whether they will get in, etc. – all while maintaining a happy and loving relationship with your teen during their last year living at home is enough to make most parents frantic with anticipation.

Where you may feel anxiety over this – we feel exhilarated. This is our specialty and we have a true passion for helping families through this process. Our commitment to you, the parents, is that your child and their future college experience is our number one priority. We want to be a team with your family and not only help your child get into the college of their choice, but make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible.