If your dream is to go to college, we will find the way...

We’re Here for the Students

Students preparing for college entrance examsOur focus at Bound4College is to ask you the right questions and listen carefully to the answers so we can put together a plan that will see you through every phase of the college selection and application process. We start by meeting with just you so we can understand your goals and dreams. We will make sure you are preparing yourself for college in the best ways possible by going over your classes and other activities throughout high school. We will help you to stay organized by providing you with a workbook that is comprised of calendars, timelines, information about the SATS and ACTs, essay prompts, etc. The majority of the application process will take place while you are with us so you don’t have the stress of finding the time to work on your applications at home.

We recognize that choosing the right college is a huge decision and one that ultimately affects only you. Our goal is to make this process as exciting and fun for you as possible.