If your dream is to go to college, we will find the way...

Students with Learning Differences

The prospect of attending college can be intimidating for any student, but students with learning differences face additional challenges and worries: Will I be able to meet the standardized testing requirements? Are there colleges that have small class sizes where I can get personal attention? Do colleges provide accommodations, and if so how do I receive them? How will I find time to write my application while keeping up with school work?

At Bound4Collegewe understand the obstacles students with learning differences face, and the unique gifts they bring to the application process and their college communities. We know which colleges will fit students’ needs, and what it takes to get them there. We see students with learning differences as unique and gifted, not disabled, which allows us to help them highlight their strengths and make their applications shine.

We have worked with a number of students who were told they would not be able to attend a college or university, and we have watched their dreams come true one acceptance letter at a time. Our motto reflects our philosophy, that every student deserves the opportunity to attend college, no matter what… if your dream is to go to college we WILL find a way.


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