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Having twin high school seniors with learning issues, we wanted more assistance than their high-priced school’s college counselor could offer. Bound4College came through very well for our family! Our son learned about (and got accepted at) many schools with terrific learning support, our daughter found schools that satisfied her social criteria, and – knowing the schools were already vetted by Liz – my husband and I were able to confidently send each kid on a plane to visit schools on their own. Considering the overall price, Bound4College was one of the best investments we could have made.

I can’t imagine how we would have fared this year without Bound4College! Virginia, San Francisco

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“Working with Bound for College this year was perhaps one of the only reasons our teenager survived! Utilizing a private college counselor is an expensive exercise but in looking back it was worth every penny. Not only were we able to draw on their wealth of knowledge & experience to ensure that we looked at every option available to Mollie but having them work on all of the tedious and time consuming applications helped enormously with our family dynamics.” Lesley G., Santa Rosa

“The anticipation of applying to college during senior year is a very stressful time. However, with the help of Bound4College I was able to successfully send out college applications with confidence. Liz Rehfeld calmly and diligently worked with me and guided me through the application process.” Jessica, 18

“Liz and Roni worked closely with our twin boys during the past two years helping us through the college application process and we recommend them enthusiastically. In addition to being organized, diligent, informative, and energetic, Liz and Roni also used their experience to help us consider a wider set of college choices. As a consequence our boys had many acceptances and ended up at a terrific college. We look forward to working with Liz and Roni again in a couple of years when it’s time for our daughter to consider college.” Kelley & Steve, Corte Madera

“I worked with Bound4College during my junior and senior years of high school. The process of finding and applying to colleges can be stressful so it   was helpful to have a team who knew the ins and outs of the process. Liz’s instinct and insight still astounds me, as I ended up at one of the very first schools she recommended. I doubt I would have even considered the school without Bound4College bringing it to my attention. I took a Gap year after high school and we would often look at Gap year programs as well as college options together. This personalized experience is definitely one I would recommend to students looking for help finding a school that is right for them.” Emily P., Hampshire College

“Liz would be my number #1 choice for working with as a college counselor. In addition to being warm, intelligent and knowledgeable, she has a way of zeroing in on exactly what your child needs and wants, and able to work directly with your son/daughter in fine tuning their desires to reach their goal of landing at a school that is just right for them. My daughter was accepted at her #1 choice and was thrilled!”  Susan, parent

“Liz was an ideal choice to support our daughter through the process and we were able to be there as fully engaged, supportive parents due to Liz’s role as our daughter’s primary resource and expert consultant. We all got through the process feeling involved, engaged, and without a single conflict. Thank you Liz.”  Tina, parent