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Bound4College Programs


Premium Package

Bound4College offers a full-service college counseling program for high school students in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Our program consists of three main areas of focus:Liz Rehfeld working with a student

  • College Preparation
  • College Selection
  • College Admission

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Students with Learning Differences

The prospect of attending college can be intimidating for any student, but students with learning differences face additional challenges and worries: Will I be able to meet the standardized testing requirements? Are there colleges that have small class sizes where I can get personal attention? Do colleges provide accommodations, and if so how do I receive them? How will I find time to write my application while keeping up with school work?

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10 hour Package

Created for high school seniors who only need minimal help completing their applications. Designed for seniors who have completed part of the college selection and application process on their own, but are seeking guidance with particular tasks. Hours include all correspondence and research.

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Bound4Success is a program designed for college freshman to help them cope with the academic and social challenges inherent in transitioning to this next phase of their lives. The primary goal is to ensure that your student will successfully and appropriately acclimate to college life and not suffer from overwhelm, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and social isolation.

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Transfer Students Package

A comprehensive package tailored to students of any age who want to transfer to a four year college or university. This package includes the College Selection and College Admission sections of our Premium Package.

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